DF300 AP
Product Overview

Since its introduction, Suzuki’s flagship 300 HP V6 has been a showcase for advanced technologies and designs. The award-winning engine incorporates “Suzuki Selective Rotation” – the world’s first outboard that combines standard and counter-rotation operation into the same lower unit. Two-Way low water pick up inlet provides engine cooling with increased water flow. It also features “Suzuki Precision Control,” which offers smooth shifting and throttle response. The addition of “Suzuki Lean Burn Control” with “Oxygen Sensor” can provide an improvement in fuel efficiency, especially while cruising.


• Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
• Suzuki Selective Rotation
• O2 Sensor Feedback Control System
• Suzuki Precision Control System
• Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
• Variable Valve Timing System
• Two-Stage Gear Reduction System
• Offset Driveshaft
• Direct Ignition
• Spherical Bore Throttle Body
• Water in Fuel Warning System
• Suzuki Easy Start System
• Over-Rev. Limiter
• Low Oil Pressure Caution
• Fully Transistorized Ignition
• Timing Chain
• Troll Mode
• Fresh Water Flushing System
• Power Trim and Tilt
• Tilt Limit
• Streamlined Gear Case
• Two-way low water inlet
• Speedometer Pickup of Gear Case
• Standard Color is Shadow Black Metallic-Now Available in Cool White
• Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System


• Color Options: Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White
• Recommended Transom Height(inches): L: 20 X: 25 XX: 30 With Suzuki Selective Rotation
• Starting System: Electric-Suzuki Start System
• Weight LBS: L 578, X 639, XX 659
• Engine Type: DOHC 24-Valve
• Fuel Delivery System: Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection with Lean Burn and Oxygen Sensor
• No. Of Cylinders: V6 (55°)
• Piston Displacement inches (cc): 245.6 (4028)
• Bore X Stroke Inches (mm): 3.81 x 3.46 (98 x 89)
• Maximum Output HP: 300
• Operating Range (RPM): 5700-6300
• Steering: Remote
• Troll Mode: Optional Troll Mode-See dealer
• Oil Pan Capacity quarts (liter): 8.5 (8.0)
• Ignition System: Solid State Direct Ignition
• Alternator: 12V 54A
• Trim Position: Power Trim and Tilt
• Gear Ratio: 2.08:1
• Standard Propeller: Optional See Dealer
• Propeller Selection: 17-27.5


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20″ shaft, Black Cowling, Standard or Counter


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20″ shaft, White Cowling, Standard or Counter


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25″ shaft, Black Cowling, Standard or Counter


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25″ shaft, White Cowling, Standard or Counter


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30″ shaft, Black Cowling, Standard or Counter


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30″ shaft, White Cowling, Standard or Counter