Marine Outfitter

Marine outfitters work in our rigging areas with other assemblers to outfit our boats with everything from the outboard engines to the complex inner workings of the console. Our rigging shop is responsible for turning an empty hull into a customized vessel complete with everything our customers need to fulfill their specific operation. Marine outfitters are hired with starting hourly wage based on experience and skill levels.

Job Requirements
  • Ability to read a tape measure
  • Familiarity with operation of power/cutting tools
  • Installs various outboards (with instruction)
  • Installs various types of equipment (with instruction)
  • Installation of all wiring, fuel and control and oil systems (with instruction)
  • Install correct size and approved fuel, exhaust and water hoses (with instruction)
  • Installs steering systems in accordance with OEM instruction
  • Calibrate gauges in accordance with OEM instructions
  • Familiarity with ABYC standards and install equipment according to its guidelines
  • Familiarity with fresh/raw water and sanitary systems
  • Acts as a team leader on certain projects as needed
  • Ability to install various drive systems such as water jets, inboard gas and diesel, stern drive, shaft drive and various outboards
  • Ability to troubleshoot various systems
  • Ability to conduct a fuel system or any other tank system test for integrity
  • Ability to fabricate equipment panels/brackets as necessary
  • Ability to install (including separation of systems) fresh/raw water and sanitary systems
  • ABYC Standards certification a plus
  • Relies on judgment and experience to plan and accomplish goals
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Uses established company procedures to work in a safe manner
  • Reports to Shop Supervisor


• Multiple Healthcare Packages
• Sick Leave and Paid Time Off Accrual
• Several Paid Holidays a Year
• ABYC Electrical Certification a Plus

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