Silver Ships Delivers Refurbished Vessel to USACE New York District

Silver Ships recently completed a refurbishment on a workboat for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New York District. The workboat is utilized in the navigation, development and maintenance of water resource activities in New York and New Jersey Harbor Estuary. Silver Ships offers comprehensive refurbishment services for all makes and models of aluminum workboats that will make any workboat look and perform like a new vessel.

The refurbishment process began with the Silver Ships’ team conducting a vessel survey of the boat to ensure it was free from extensive structural damage. Next, a team of builders, designers and engineers determined a budget and decided what specific features the boat needed. When refurbishing a vessel, there are many improvement opportunities to choose from. Selecting options such as updating an outer protective coating, replacing outdated technology and repowering the vessel by switching from inboard to outboard motors are all options that can help improve a boat’s performance and extend its length of service.

The USACE New York’s 2009 workboat underwent an intense makeover to regain peak operational performance. Silver Ships deconstructed the boat and brought it to bare aluminum, reconfigured and designed the interior layout of the cabin, added a side mount survey arm, removed the outdated survey system and made provisions for a new single beam, allowing for improved hydrographic surveying. With Silver Ships’ refit the boat will provide many more years of service to the USACE New York.

Silver Ships has previously completed projects for USACE New York and is proud to continue delivering high-quality custom workboats and refurbishment services to support the organization’s mission. For more information on Silver Ships services and recent projects, please contact our team or visit