Partner Spotlight: Whelen Engineering Company

Silver Ships takes pride in our longevity within the workboat industry and in our partnerships with quality outfitting partners including Whelen Engineering. Both Silver Ships and Whelen put customer needs first and offer solutions to help operators feel more confident on the water.

About Whelen

Whelen Engineering, a global leader in the emergency warning industry since 1952, proudly marked their 70th anniversary in 2022. Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) and Mass Notification industries worldwide.

Q&A with David Traskos, Whelen Account Manager

  1. What differentiates Whelen from its competitors?

As the industry leader, Whelen proudly supports American workers in manufacturing products all of which are sourced, designed and manufactured in America. Our vertical integration capabilities and rigorous on-site testing let us control every step of the production process to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products. We also boast the largest design staff in the industry and our sales and service network is more robust than competitors’. Whelen has more employees in locations across the country than our competitors so our customers know they can count on us to be there for them where and when they need us.

  1. How has Whelen continued to stay competitive in the marine industry?

The marine industry uses the same products as land-based fire apparatuses. Whelen continues to be the premiere choice for quality and dependable lifesaving emergency warning equipment in both markets. Customers are comfortable using our products onboard their vessels because they are familiar with operating the same products in other emergency vehicles. Many of our fire and EMS products also come with a lifetime warranty which is something most manufacturers do not offer.

  1. What unique challenges are there in the emergency warning industry and how is Whelen meeting or overcoming those challenges?

Whelen’s team of industry-renowned engineers, vast resources and vertical integration capabilities allow us to push the boundaries of innovation. We are rethinking what is possible in first responder safety and leading innovation by moving beyond traditional ways of thinking about emergency warning lighting with inventions like Dynamic Variable Intensity™ light patterns. Gradually increasing and decreasing warning light intensity, removing flash edges and slowing flash patterns to make it easier to see at nighttime emergency scenes, increasing safety for everyone.

  1. Why are Whelen products good options for the vessels that Silver Ships builds?

We manufacture the highest-quality products in the industry. Products that are designed to withstand the extreme environments frequently encountered in the marine industry. Our lightbars and beacons have hard-coated lenses to minimize damage from the sun and salt as well as our sirens which are waterproof.  Thanks to our trusted reputation in the industry, Whelen customers are confident utilizing our warning lights for marine applications to outfit police, fire and EMS vessels with.

  1. Which Whelen Products are most frequently utilized by Silver Ships? Are there any specific details or specs you would like us to highlight about these products?

Silver Ships uses a variety of Whelen products, ranging from our Freedom® IV lightbars,  ION™ lightheads and L32 beacons. The most frequently purchased products are our WPA Siren Series and Control Heads which are engineered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typical of marine applications. The WPA Control Heads are compact, fully encapsulated and feature entirely sealed rotary switches, toggle and PA volume controls. The three-position toggle switch on WPA1 and WPA2 enables control of siren-only functions or combined siren and light operation. The WPA Amplifier produces 100 watts of power and is constructed of extruded aluminum housing to resist environmental damage.

  1. Do you have recommendations regarding mission-specific vessels and emergency warning choices?

Over the past 70 years, Whelen has worked hard to ensure that we are creating the most reliable lights and sirens on the market. Our Pioneer™ Family of white illumination options is available in a variety of sizes, optics and mounting options for every application providing high-intensity lighting. The products rugged design and durability make them a great option for the marine boating industry as they provide optimal performance in harsh elements. Our Beta™ 2 Siren is another excellent choice for marine applications because it is weather-resistant and easy to install and operate.

Silver Ships partners with multiple marine emergency warning light and siren vendors, as customers can choose their preferred lighting systems during the design and build process. Whelen is a long-time partner of Silver Ships and continues to help serve the marine boating industry across the nation.