As Featured in Marine Log: Innovative Patrol Boat Trends

Marine patrol boats play a large role in keeping everyone safe on the water. They are constantly on the move and face challenging circumstances, so they must have the most recent technology to withstand these conditions. These boats are generally designed for coastal and harbor defense duties and are operated by a nation’s navy, coast guard, marine patrol, customs and other law enforcement. With the emergence of new technology, these boats are continually becoming more advanced.

Silver Ships recently published an article in Marine Log Magazine detailing multiple new technologies becoming available to patrol boat operators to enhance their readiness on the water. A few of these new and evolving technologies include:

Autonomous Controls

During patrol boat missions it is important to maintain a constant presence on the water and autonomous vessel technology offers relief for personnel manning requirements. Being out on the water for long periods of time in potentially dangerous situations can be straining for crews and operators, but with this technology, operators are able to control a patrol vessel from shore or a mothership, or systems can even be programmed for complete autonomy on water.

Diesel Outboards

The demand for high-horsepower propulsion is growing along with the need for reliable and cost-effective power sources. Diesel outboards provide all of this and allow for savings in fuel consumption. They also add range and endurance on the water as a vessel that might have previously traveled 300 miles before refueling using gas engines could potentially gain 100 miles or more of range.

Solar Panels and Ultra Lightweight Batteries

A reliable power source is important in supporting many patrol missions, so solar panels and ultra-lightweight batteries are of great value to boat operators. Solar panels and ultra-lightweight batteries can serve as a main power source or provide auxiliary power for patrol vessel needs and can act as a backup to shore power. This helps increase mission endurance times while reducing fuel consumption by lessening engine loading and saving hull weight.

Smart Bilge Systems

Smart Bilge Sensors are important not only from an environmental standpoint, but also in keeping a boat’s wake clean and helping patrol boats become harder to locate. Smart bilge sensors allow bilge dewatering but prevent spilled oil or fuel from being pumped overboard. This is helpful in preventing water contamination and allows patrol vessels to operate without leaving an oily wake.

As military and law enforcement officials continue to grow their fleet of patrol boats, it is important for new technologies to develop to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Silver Ships is proud to maintain partnerships with organizations that are at the forefront of many leading technologies. Contact us today if you would like guidance and support in outfitting a patrol vessel for your mission-specific operating needs.