Explorer Series Landing Craft: A Workboat Bridging Land and Sea

The Silver Ships Explorer series consists of multiple sizes of landing craft used for fire / rescue, law enforcement, or commercial applications, allowing teams to operate from both the land and the sea.

This series of vessels is unique thanks to the bow door that raises and lowers, allowing crew to land on-shore vehicles such as ATV and UTVs. These bow doors make the transition from water to land seamless and fast, allowing for more versatile patrol, search and rescue. These landing craft offer high load-carrying capacity and shallow draft, making the vessels safe and effective.

The production of landing craft peaked during World War II, with the need to unload troops and vehicles onto land. Many different designs were produced by the United Kingdom and the United States, and both countries produced the vessels in large quantities during this time period. Now, landing craft are not just used for military operations, but also any mission that requires quickly transitioning from the water to land.

Our Explorer series vessels are constructed with all-welded, marine-grade aluminum and feature a modified vee-hull with a recessed cargo bay that provides a stable work platform. These boats can be used for law enforcement, emergency response, firefighting, construction projects, and maintenance operations.

For more information about our Explorer Series of vessels and to learn how they can be an option for your mission specific vessel, visit our website or call 251.973.0000.