Get to Know Silver Ships’ Naval Engineering Team

Get to Know Silver Ships’ Naval Engineering Team on Global Day of the Engineer

This Global Day of the Engineer, Silver Ships shines a light on their naval engineering team. The Silver Ships team is comprised of passionate, talented, creative and intelligent employees who embrace the meaning of teamwork. Everyone contributes to the success of the company and supports one another. The team has existed as an internal department at Silver Ships for a few years, and continues to grow and develop within the organization.

Three months ago, Silver Ships added the newest member to their engineering team, Nicholas Lyn. He is an Electrical Engineer and has been applying his in-class, undergraduate knowledge to the real world. He was drawn to this line of work because of his affinity with anything related to water.

“I am always looking for an excuse to go to the beach or out on a boat ride with someone,” says Lyn. “The combination of my love for water and my love for electrical engineering made this field an easy choice.” He sees the team striving to design technically advanced and sound boats for their customers, and they are succeeding with the contributions of everyone at Silver Ships.

Stuart Baker has been a Structural Designer for five years at Silver Ships. During his time on the team, he says that a great lesson he has learned is to always be willing to learn and lean on your colleagues for help.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” says Baker. “Listen to the production team about how you can improve designs to better utilize your specific tooling and build practices to make production more efficient.”

For him, the most satisfying part of vessel building is when the boat performs exactly as the calculations predicted. This leads to customer approval, and hearing positive reinforcement after a boat delivery is extremely rewarding to the whole team.

Radoslav Vik has been a part of the team for nine years as an Outfitting and Systems Designer. He has seen Silver Ships grow into a fully professional team without any need for outsourced engineering support. With their naval architect, electrical engineer and structural designers, they can take on any challenge, and meet all the needs of the marine industry.

“I have learned the importance of devotion, cooperation and communication between each member of the team,” says Vik. “The most rewarding part of my job is to see how these characteristics produce a final product that our engineering team is proud of, and our customers are excited about.”

Benjamin Bates has been at Silver Ships for 12 years as a Structural Designer and is proud to be a part of a company that builds some of the greatest marine products in the aluminum boat market, and highly values its employees.

“My favorite thing about Silver Ships is we are able to adapt to any situation quickly and innovate new solutions to meet the project goals,” says Bates. “The opportunity for every single team member to invest in that product together and take pride in the end result is very rewarding.”

The Engineering team would not be complete without Clay Danielson. He is the Naval Architect at Silver Ships, and his job primarily includes working on weight, stability, and structural calculations; speed, powering and performance projections; and other project-specific engineering analysis needed to verify that a finished boat will meet the owner’s specifications as well as ABYC, ISO, USCG, or other classification society requirements as applicable.

“It is rewarding to be involved in the creative process of boat design and the development of the 3D model, watch a boat take shape in production, and witness the validation of the design and engineering work on a successful sea trial,” says Danielson. “Involving our customers in this process by providing them an opportunity to have input to the design and tour the boat virtually before construction to ultimately witness their satisfaction with the boat after sea trials and delivery is the best part of our job.”

These men, as a part of a crucial team within the organization, give Silver Ships the tools it needs to succeed and grow as a company. They continue to learn from each other and produce technically advanced all-welded aluminum boats that make the waters safer across the country and around the world.

To learn more about how Silver Ships can design and build a vessel specifically for your mission, get in touch with our team.