Putting Out the Fire of Doubt: Why You Should Invest in a Fire Boat

Purchasing a fire boat can seem like a large investment, especially to smaller police and fire divisions. However, having a fire boat at the ready for a variety of potential emergencies gives these vessels a chance to be put to the test and earn their keep.

While most branches hope never to have use for a fire boat, it is a great tool to have for precautionary measures and for quick response in a variety of emergency situations. No department wants to be stuck in a situation in which people are in danger and another rescue vessel is unavailable. Owning a fire boat allows fire and police departments to give their communities the top level of first response they deserve, and offers an opportunity to aid neighboring districts who may need help during emergencies.

A fire boat’s use is not limited to water-based situations, such as Marina fires. Because they have an unlimited supply of water available, these vessels can assist in shore-based fires or emergencies when other sources of water is low or unavailable. For example, coastal cities with threats of earthquakes can greatly benefit from having at least one fire boat in their district.

Along with their ability to assist with emergencies both in the water and on land, fire boats can complete a multitude of tasks that aid in search and rescue and other situations. Depending on their built-in features, they can be used carrying medics and physicians to an accident, transporting rescue divers, oil spill response, and carrying people from ships in danger. Fire boats can be constructed to perform in oceans, lakes and rivers, or a combination of these bodies of water, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to how and where to use a fire boat.

Fire boats are an investment, but they are an investment that can save lives. If your department is in need of funding assistance, a variety of grants are available to help address the needs in your community. You can learn more on the fire/rescue page on our website.

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