Client’s Day Spotlight: New Hampshire Marine Patrol

Silver Ships is proud to work within a variety of marine sectors that include reputable clients across the country. We are appreciative of the trust and confidence our clients put in our vessels to protect their crews and communities.

One particular organization, New Hampshire Marine Patrol, has been a Silver Ships client since 1999. The Marine Patrol is a division of the state police that maintains all bodies of water in New Hampshire to provide safe, enjoyable and responsible use. The unit also provides a comprehensive Marine Safety Program and offers boating education for recreational and commercial boat operators.

Though it is a smaller state, New Hampshire Marine Patrol has a large operation. The organization deploys around 65 boats, including 15 Silver Ships Ambar patrol vessels, that enforce safety on the water by dealing with recreational boaters, commercial fishermen, jet skis, wind surfers and more. We work closely with John Howard, who has been with the department for 31 years and is heavily involved in the ordering and purchasing of the Marine Patrol’s boats.

The Silver Ships vessels they deploy are Ambar boats, which are built to give their crews a solid, steady and comfortable ride even in the harshest northeastern weather and roughest water conditions.  The unit employs five AM 622 vessels, which are used in the smaller lakes and bodies of water in the state. The Marine Patrol crew enjoys working with these boats as they are low to the water and deliver a smooth ride. They also operate AM 800 RHIB boats, which are used in larger lakes and are a crew favorite because the vessels maintain a solid feel during all missions, despite rough water and weather. Their AM 900 and Freedom 34 rugged winter patrol boats have been dependable, even in recent nor’easters, and keep their crew warm and safe.

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist organizations like New Hampshire Marine Patrol, who put their dedication to boaters’ safety above all, by providing durable vessels that give operators the confidence to do their jobs, no matter the challenges they face on the water.

Silver Ships, Inc. produces high-quality aluminum boats for military, federal, state and municipal government as well as commercial applications. The company’s vision is to provide customers with a boat designed, built, outfitted and best-suited to meet their operational needs while offering the maximum in crew safety and outstanding performance. For more information, contact us at (251) 973-0000 or fill out a contact form.