A Guide to Refurbishing an Aluminum Boat

When it comes to updating a vessel, refurbishment can be a less expensive alternative to replacement. Many upgrade possibilities come along with deciding to refit a vessel, so it is important to first determine if a boat is a good candidate for refurbishment. While considering this option, first survey the boat to ensure it is free from extensive structural element damage. Next, determine a budget, decide what specific features the boat will need and compare the refit cost to the resale value.

When refurbishing a vessel, there are many improvement opportunities to choose from. Selecting options such as updating a paint job, replacing old technology and motors and switching from inboard to outboard motors are all options that can help improve a boat’s performance and extend its length of service.

Marine technology is always evolving, with new and upgraded versions of electronics coming out at a constant pace. When deciding which electronics in a vessel can be kept and which should be replaced, consider the age of the product. When working with older technology, there is more value in replacement than in repair. It is standard to upgrade a vessel’s electronics every seven years, and if technology in the boat does not have touch-screen multifunction displays, that is a good indicator that it is time.

Replacing a motor can go a long way in a refurbishment project. If something goes awry inside an engine, it is possible that repairing may be enough to fix the problem, however, in most cases there is more value in replacing an engine. Additionally, the decision to repower brings many possibilities into play. Whether deciding to repower from inboard engines to outboard engines, or changing propulsion such as from I/O to waterjets, can yield a higher performance and better fuel economy. Many factors influence these decisions and Silver Ships’ experts are more than happy to work with you to find the right solution for your vessel.

At Silver Ships, we offer comprehensive refurbishment services for all makes and models of aluminum workboats that will make your boat look and feel like new. We recently completed a refurbishment on an Alabama Department of Transportation boat that has been in service since 1992. The vessel is used by the Alabama Bridge Inspection divers to facilitate the inspection of bridges above and below the water, serving as a platform to contain necessary dive and safety gear, to support diving operations and to help the diving team complete their missions. With Silver Ships’ completion of the recent refit, the boat will be able to provide another 25 years of service. Contact us today for more information about refurbishing.