Up close shot of Ambar RHIB

Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats – Safety and Stability on the Seas

Silver Ships specializes in the design and build of various types of workboats, including the popular rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB).

A RHIB is a lightweight, high-performing and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes. The design is stable and adds durability, even in rough ocean waters. A RHIB’s inflatable collar allows the vessel to remain buoyant if a large amount of water is taken on, adding an extra sense of security while performing various missions at sea.

RHIBs were originally created as rescue boats and were widely used in the North Sea. The past 30 years have seen a huge rise in the use of RHIBs, and they have become the boat of choice in many sectors of the workboat industry. Silver Ships was the first workboat manufacturer to design and build RHIBs for military and other mission-specific use in the United States, and the style of boat continues to be one of the most popular for customers across varying industries. Since they began manufacturing these vessels, Silver Ships has built more than 1,000 Ambar RHIBs.

RHIBs are commonly used as lifeboats, workboats for various industries and military vessels for patrol and transport. Silver Ships also builds RHIBs for use in fire and rescue, law enforcement and other work boats including towboats.

Over the years, RHIBs have evolved in their applications and outfitting. Vessels are now built at larger sizes and with more powerful engines. They can also be outfitted with special features such as shock-absorbing seating and closed cabins. Stability is key in the design of RHIBs, and allows these vessels to operate efficiently in varying conditions; this is what makes the boat ideal for rescue work, patrol and other high-intensity missions.

Silver Ships’ Ambar Series of vessels are part of the RHIB family. These boats have been used in many applications from fire and rescue service to patrol and research missions. The original “hybrid” air and foam collar has proven to be popular and gives the Ambar Series incredible stability and makes them virtually unsinkable. Ambar vessels are built to be anywhere between 20 feet and 40 feet, and can include special outfitting features including climate control, weapon mounts, bow gate, full pilothouse and more.

For more information about our Ambar Series of vessels and to learn about how RHIBs can be an option for your mission-specific vessel, visit our website or call 251.973.0000.