Silver Ships fire boat spraying water

Fire Boats 101

It may seem ironic to think about the importance of dealing with fire situations on a body of water. However, fire and other emergencies can take place anywhere, and having the proper equipment and crew to handle the situation is imperative.

The fireboat was officially invented in 1809, when a firefighter attached a small pump on a tugboat. However, it was not until after the Civil War that this type of boat was an essential part of fire departments. The first fireboats used specifically for fire rescue in the United States were in Boston, Mass. in 1873, and the rest is history.

Fireboats are most often used for fighting fires on docks and shore-side structures, as they can directly pursue fires in the supporting areas of these structures. They also have a virtually unlimited supply of water available, as they are capable of pumping directly from below the hull. Fireboats can also be used to assist shore-based firefighters when an additional water supply is needed.

Silver Ships fire boats are built with safety and durability in mind. With the capability to transport crew and patients safely from water to shore and advanced technology for remote fire monitoring, these vessels are able to handle difficult and time-sensitive missions. With a hull designed to meet the ABS rules for high speed naval craft, a Silver Ships fire boat is built for speed and utility. Each boat offers various mission specific features including remote controlled roof mounted fire monitors, patient treatment benches, positive pressure CBRNE filtration systems and more. Silver Ships fire and rescue boats are built to American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards and can operate fully in both fresh and salt water environments.

Additionally, although they’re built specifically to fight fires, Silver Ships fire boats are also equipped to handle rescue and patrol missions as needed – this is the case for one of our newest boats, which will soon be commissioned and operating in in East Hampton, New York. The vessel is designed for multiple agencies to use on a daily basis, and has fostered a sense of cooperation and shared responsibility among these varied agencies in the area. See the East Hampton fire boat in action here.

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