Updated Luxury Dive Demonstration Boat to be Docked at Miami International Boat Show

Silver Ships recently repurposed its AM1100 demonstration boat from a yacht tender to a luxury dive boat. The 36-foot Ambar Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) with custom features, including twin DF300AP Suzuki outboards, now has two additional dive ladders and ample storage for dive bottles and equipment.

The boat is available for test rides and tours, and will be featured in Suzuki’s Slip 156, Pier One at the Miami International Boat Show February 13-17. The vessel combines recreational features with military features, making it a hybrid that is durable yet comfortable. This is a recreational variant of a military dive boat built by Silver Ships for the Naval Special Warfare Community and features a deep vee hull, shock mitigating decking, a hybrid collar system with dive cutouts and ladders and a bow door.

The boat can support tender needs for a large yacht or can be used standalone to support dive excursions for up to 10 passengers. This boat exhibits the excellent craftsmanship of Silver Ships and participating vendors that work with them, and represents a high quality vessel ready to meet and exceed expectations.

Learn more about the demonstration boat here. If you’re interested in test driving the AM1100 luxury dive boat, contact us today.



Silver Ships